15th JANUARY 2020  7.30pm to 9.35pm
1.1 Attendance & apologies for absence
Suzanne Bullimore Apologies, Phil Dorning (Chair) Present, Clare-Marie Burchall Present,
Claire Fish (Safeguarding Officer & Deputy Chair) Present,  Keith Burke Present,
Anne Martlew (Secretary) Present, Hilda Cooper Present, Alicia Mejia Present,
Terry Dixon Present, John Murphy, Apologies
Also present: Rev. Lucas Rodrigues SFX (Parish Priest), Rev. Francis Colaco SFX (Assistant Priest), Derek Lowson (Finance Council Chair)
1.2 Notification of items for AOB: Numerous items – included under Parish Matters.
1.3 Minutes of previous meeting (13 November 2019) accepted without any amendments.
1.4 Introductions by Parish Council members to the new Priests, Fr. Lucas and Fr. Francis, and vice versa.

2.1 Receipts & Payments Account (Derek): Surplus = £77,270 at December 2019
2.1.1 Gas boiler serviced and bill paid.
2.1.2 £6,600 spent on refurbishing the Presbytery.
2.1.3 £500 spent on repairs.
2.1.4 £1,000 to be donated to Nicaraguan Parish.
2.1.5 Final returns completed and submitted one month ahead of the deadline.
2.1.6 Diocese is investigating contactless giving.
2.1.7 No large expenses expected.

3.1 Presbytery Garden (Terry): Gardening maintenance contract was an agreement with Fr. Michael and the gardener. Level of service provided and cost of contract to be reviewed.
3.2 Presbytery (Terry): Recommendation to have a “house book” listing the locations of switches, fuses, etc. along with details of what to do when something goes wrong. Investigate establishing a contract with maintenance service company rather than having to rely on volunteers.
3.3 Sanctuary Lamp (Keith): Cleaning the soot on the lamp is becoming more difficult. Access to the lamp and the maintenance process to be reviewed.

4.1 Safeguarding (Claire): Claire is our Safeguarding Officer. The Diocese recommends each Parish have a Safeguarding team to spread the load. Training day for Safeguarding will be held in St. Peter’s on 25 March 2020 from 9am to 4pm. Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks need to be renewed every 3 years. DBS checks for Eucharistic Ministers and Children’s Liturgy volunteers to be carried out this year.
4.2 Christmas Fayre (Hilda): £400 raised from the raffle and £400 raised from the Christmas Fayre. Easter Raffle planned for 2020.
4.3 Car Parking (Terry): The car par needs to be managed at busy Masses.
4.4 Rededication of Mary’s Dowry (Terry/Claire-Marie): England use to be known as Mary’s Dowry. Statute of Lady of Walsingham will be at Clifton Cathedral from 20 to 22 February 2020 as part of the Re-dedication of Mary’s Dowry Tour
4.5 Easter Masses (Terry): Parishioners have asked if there can be more Masses at Easter to alleviate the overcrowding at some services. Fr. Lucas explained that the Good Friday and the Easter Vigil services cannot be repeated. He is open to having additional Masses on Easter Sunday.
4.6 First Communion (Clare-Marie): 24 candidates this year. The Church will be busier than usual on First Communion Day. Recommended that Parishioners be asked to consider attending the Saturday evening Mass instead.
4.7 Eucharistic Ministers (Terry/ Clare-Marie): Fr. Lucas will meet the Eucharistic Ministers formally during Lent. Date to be confirmed.
4.8 Church sound system (Alicia): Some Parishioners have reported that sound does not reach certain areas of the church (e.g. near the choir). This is due to a technical issue with the radio microphones. Fr. Lucas advised that a similar issue in Sacred Heart Church was rectified by replacing the sound system and the cost of replacing the sound system at St. Peter’s will be investigated.
4.9 Volunteers (Alicia): A Parishioner had asked about how to volunteer time in service of our church. Phil to contact the Parishioner to discuss volunteering options at St. Peter’s.
4.10 Master of Ceremonies (Clare-Marie): Mick Bray has retired as the Master of Ceremonies for St. Peter’s. His replacement is Dale Curson.
4.11 Daily Mass Sheets (Clare-Marie): Daily Mass Sheets are prepared at St. Mary’s and emailed to the other Parishes in the Deanery. St. Peter’s to be included in the distribution list.
4.12 Year of Communion (Clare-Marie): The theme is “doing things in communion with the Parish”. How St. Peter’s will mark this Year of Communion will be an agenda item for the next meeting.
4.13 Evening Mass (Terry): Fr. Lucas will consider re-introducing a weekday evening Mass.
4.14 Allowances (Derek): Stipend for one Priest will be paid by the Goan Chaplaincy and by the Parish for the other Priest. Food/housekeeping allowance will be £200 per week.
4.15 Goan Chaplaincy (Fr. Lucas): The Goan Chaplaincy will be using St. Peter’s for events (e.g. retreats) and special Masses (e.g. anniversaries) and will pay the Parish for the use of the church.

5 AOB – Items covered elsewhere in the minutes

6 NEXT MEETING - Thursday 19 March 2020 at 7.30pm in the hall



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