St. Peter’s Parish Council Meeting
19 September 2018
7.30pm to 9.00pm

1.1 Attendance & apologies for absence
Alan Beard (Deputy Chair) Present Terry Dixon Present Suzanne Bullimore Present Phil Dorning (Chair) Present Clare-Marie Burchall Present Claire Fish (Safeguarding Officer) Present
Keith Burke Present Anne Martlew (Secretary) Present Gertrude Chikwekwe Present

John Murphy Apologies Hilda Cooper Present
Also present: Rev. Michael Saunders (Parish Priest) and Derek Lowson (Finance Council Chair)
1.2 Notification of items for AOB: Safeguarding & CCTV; Flame; Transport for the elderly -
all included under Parish Matters
1.3 Minutes of previous meeting (16 May 2018) accepted without any amendments.

2.1 Receipts & Payments Account, which reports actual transactions for the year to date
(Derek): Surplus = £69,797 at August 2018
2.1.1 Garden fence costs paid.
2.1.2 Purchase of electronic gates postponed - further investigation needed.
2.1.3 Installation of CCTV being investigated.
2.1.4 Data storage requirements due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
implemented by Diocese.

3.1 Garden wall (Alan/Terry): The major project of replacing the garden wall at the
Presbytery with a metal fence has been completed successfully. Thanks to Terry for
managing this project and to all who helped.
3.2 Garage (Terry): Garage door not closing properly
ACTION: Terry to investigate
3.3 Fire Brigade access (Alan): Outstanding action from 16 May 2018 meeting carried
over. Question raised about access for Fire Brigade in the event of a fire. How close
do the tenders need to be to the Church?
ACTION: Alan to check with Fire Brigade

4.1 Outside Cleaning (Terry): In addition to a regular rota of cleaning inside St Peters,
should we also consider a monthly 'tidy-up' outside the church? Agreement that a
notice calling for volunteers would be included in the newsletter.
4.2 Year of Mission - Nicaraguan Project (Clare-Marie): To date, £2,000 has been sent by
St. Peter’s. Construction progressing well. Information sheet prepared.
From Fr, ManuelSan Jerónimo Church n Susucayán,Nicaragua.
“Greetings from allparishioners and also from the Temple Construction Committee.
God bless you.”

4.3 Website (Phil): Communication from Diocesan Media Office asking if St. Peter’s wants
to pursue setting up a website in the same format as the others in the Diocese.

Action item for November.
4.4 Hall Curtains (Claire): The new curtains in the hall were noted and admired. A thank
you message to the donor has been included in the newsletter already.
4.5 BBQ (Hilda): Short but successful event in June.
4.6 Confirmation (Clare-Marie): Wednesday 17 October 2018. 14 candidates this year.
Refreshments, music and certificates organised.
4.7 Quiz Night (Hilda): 20 October 2018. Quizmaster will be John Murphy. Proceeds to
Parish funds.
4.8 International Mass (Suzanne): 25 November 2018.
4.9 First Communion (Clare Marie): Team effort ensured this year’s First Communion was
a success. Next year’s First Communion Day will be on 19 May 2019.
4.10 Flame (Suzanne): Catholic Youth event at Wembley, 2 March 2019. 5 tickets available
for St. Peter’s. Parish will cover ticket costs. Holy Rood is organising transport. Age
group is 16-25 years (15-year olds with parental approval).
4.11 Transport (Clare-Marie): Communion can be taken to elderly Parishioners who are
unable to attend Mass but these Parishioners miss out on the community aspects of
the Parish. Legal issues preclude introduction of a formal transport rota. Proposal for
an informal network of volunteers to offer elderly Parishioners transport to Mass and
Parish events.
4.12 Safeguarding & CCTV (Claire): Some churches are installing CCTV in presbyteries for
safeguarding reasons.
4.13 Threshold (Terry): St. Peter’s was a great supporter of Threshold which will cease to
exist from 1 October 2018. Homelessness continues so the Parish will still collect
coats and blankets which Terry will take to the hostel.
4.14 HCPT (Phil): Reminder that tickets are on sale for the HCPT ball.
4.15 Year of Mission – Global Healing (Clare-Marie): Global Healing; an initiative from the
Bishops of England and Wales as a response to Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Laudiato Si”.
How will our parish respond? Information and videos available at

Action item for November meeting

Items covered elsewhere in the minutes

On Wednesday 21 November 2018 at 7.30pm in the hall.                                               

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