St. Peter’s Parish Council Meeting

                        15th March 2018    

                        7.30pm to 9.20pm



1.1 Attendance & apologies for absence
Alan Beard (Deputy Chair) Present, Terry Dixon Present, Suzanne Bullimore Apologies, Phil Dorning (Chair) Present, Clare-Marie Burchall Present, Claire Fish (Safeguarding Officer) Present,
Keith Burke Present, Anne Martlew (Secretary) Present, Gertrude Chikwekwe Apologies, John Murphy Apologies, Hilda Cooper Present
Also present: Rev. Michael Saunders (Parish Priest) and Derek Lowson (Finance Council Chair)

1.2 Notification of items for AOB: Easter – included under Parish Matters; Repairs booklet
– included under Finance; Expenditure (kneelers) – included under Finance; Data
1.3 Minutes of previous meeting (17 January 2018) accepted without any amendments.

2.1 Receipts & Payments Account, which reports actual transactions for the year to date
(Derek): Surplus = £70,370 at February 2018
2.1.1 £3,500 owed to Parish from Diocesan Finance Committee.
2.1.2 Wall repairs completed at cost of £1300.
2.1.3 New photocopier to be purchased at cost of £2300. Cost of copying will be
2.1.4 Donation of £1000 to be made to assist with re-building costs for San Jeronimo
church in Nueva Segovia in Nicaragua.
2.1.5 Derek will attend the Diocesan Finance meeting in May 2018.
2.1.6 Terry asked a question on behalf of an elderly Parishioner about the cushioning
in the kneelers. Can they be refurbished/replaced? Fr. Michael advised that
anyone who cannot kneel, or feels uncomfortable kneeling, during Mass (e.g.
age, injury, etc.) should sit and not kneel.
2.1.7 Keith advised that the proposed repairs expenditure record was not required
as all the information was already available in the spreadsheets maintained by
2.1.8 World Youth Day will be in January 2019 in Panama. Parish normally pays one
third of cost for a Parishioner to attend. The remainder of the cost comes from
parents and fundraising.

3.1 Garden wall (Alan/Keith/Fr. Michael): The garden wall at the Presbytery is collapsing.
Suspect the foundations are moving due to being built on top of drains. Sub-group
comprising Alan, Keith, Terry and Phil will investigate options and liaise with Fr.
Michael on implementing a repair.
3.2 Snow removal (Keith/Fr. Michael): Diocesan advice is that if it snows, don’t move it. If
anyone in the Parish clears snow the Parish become liable. Decision to spread salt and
grit only and not clear any snow. Car park to be closed if snow makes conditions
ACTIONS: Alan to write policy on snow.
Derek to replenish grit and salt supplies.
Terry to prepare a contacts list of volunteers willing to be called on to help spread
salt and grit on paths and car park.
Fr. Michael to include explanatory note in newsletter.
3.3 Cleaning signs (Derek): Yellow “Cleaning in progress” signs are stored in the cupboard
in the hall and should be deployed by the Church cleaning teams at appropriate.

4.1 Bishop Lang’s Question (Phil): Discussion on suggestions from Council members on
which topics to pursue. Ideas included an ongoing Parish project (e.g. supporting the
San Jeronimo church in Nicaragua); focussing on youth; welcoming visitors; outreach
projects (e.g. The Harbour Project, Threshold Housing Link, Food Bank, Medaille
Trust). Consensus was that the Parish does a lot already but it is not well publicised.
Decision to publicise, via display boards and the newsletter, each activity over the
coming months. First topic will be re-building of the church in Nicaragua.
ACTION: Clare-Marie to ask Eileen Mochan how she would like the Parish to

4.2 Year of Mission (Clare-Marie/Terry): 35-40 people attending the Lent course on
Monday evenings.
4.3 Easter Raffle (Hilda): Ticket sales going well. Draw takes place on Palm Sunday.
4.4 Easter 2018
Maundy Thursday 8.00pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper
9.30pm Erection of the Cross in the Church
Good Friday 11.30am Children’s Stations of the Cross
3.00pm Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion
7.00pm Stations of the Cross
Holy Saturday Erection of the tomb & addition of white cloth to Cross
9.00pm Easter Vigil
ACTIONS: Clare-Marie to check enough people will be available to organise the
Offertory collections at each service. Terry to organise car park volunteers. Fr.
Michael to include reminder in the newsletter regarding parking at Easter services.
ADVANCED PLANNING: Cross and tomb will be removed by 9 May. 

4.5 First Communion (Clare Marie): Group of 20, including some older children,
participating in this year’s program.
4.6 Flowers (Fr. Michael): Pedestal arrangements at each side of altar and at Our Lady’s
statue only from after Easter. Plants or artificial flowers at all other locations. At
Christmas and Easter, fresh flowers will be placed at all locations.
4.7 Confirmation (Clare-Marie): Application forms will be available in June 2018.

Data Protection: Fr. Michael advised that the Parish needed to make no changes to
comply with the new Data Protection legislation. The Diocese has provided a generic
letter and further details and guidance are expected prior to May 2018.

On Wednesday 16 May 2018 at 7.30pm in the hall.










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