St. Peter’s Parish Council Meeting
                                                              16 January 2019
                                                             7.35pm to 8.50pm

1.1 Attendance & apologies for absence
Alan Beard (Deputy Chair) Apologies, Terry Dixon Present, Suzanne Bullimore Present,
 Phil Dorning (Chair) Present, Clare-Marie Burchall Present, Claire Fish (Safeguarding Officer)
Present,Keith Burke Present, Anne Martlew (Secretary) Present, Gertrude Chikwekwe Present,
John Murphy Apologies, Hilda Cooper Present,

Also present: Derek Lowson (Finance Council Chair)

1.2 Notification of items for AOB: Gent’s toilet doors & Church floor mats - included under Health & Safety; Lent Course & Incense – included under Parish Matters
1.3 Minutes of previous meeting (21 November 2018) accepted without any amendments.

2.1 Receipts & Payments Account, which reports actual transactions for the year to date (Derek): Surplus = £66,412 at December 2018
2.1.1 Light and heat are being invoiced quarterly. £500 in January 2019.
2.1.2 Parish Financial Return has been submitted.
2.1.3 Parish laptop has been purchased to enable compliance with GDPR.
2.1.4 Expense of approximately £3,000 for boiler replacement and service.

3.1 Hall chairs (Keith): The chairs are not being stacked on the stage as recommended by the Health and Safety policy. Action: Suzanne to prepare a poster to show the correct way chairs need to face when stacked on the stage.
3.2 Gent’s toilet doors (Terry): Parishioner with restricted mobility was noted having difficulty accessing the gent’s toilet. Can the tension on the doors closers be adjusted? Reminder that St. Peter’s has a “disabled toilet”. Action: Terry/Keith to investigate and adjust tension of door closers.
3.3 Coconut mats (Terry): Trip hazard identified due to curling of the mat and worn metal floor strip. Action: Terry to investigate mat and replace floor strip.
3.4 Dyson cleaner (Clare-Marie): Upright Dyson cleaner lacks suction. It is still under warranty. Can it be repaired or replaced? Action: Terry to investigate

4.1 Year of Prayer (Clare-Marie): Claire attended the in-service day and Suzanne collected the Year of Prayer booklet. Diocesan Prayer to be used at the start or end of each Parish Council meetings. What should St. Peter’s do for the Year of Prayer? This will be an agenda item for the next meeting.
4.2 First Communion (Clare-Marie): 25 candidates this year. Course starts on 26 January.
4.3 Eucharistic Ministers (Terry): Eucharist Ministers rota lists the weeks of the months only. Proposal that the dates be included to facilitate replacements being found when people are away or not available. Are more Eucharistic Ministers needed? Action: Phil to discuss with Fr. Michael
4.4 Parish Council Membership (Phil): Alan Beard has stepped down from the Parish Council. Thanks to Alan for his service to the Parish. Election of officers is deferred until Fr. Michael’s return. In the interim, Claire Fish agreed to fulfil the role of Deputy Chair and Terry Dixon agreed to take responsibility for Health & Safety. Action: Clare-Marie to include a note in the newsletter for a volunteer to join the Parish Council.
4.5 Christmas Fayre (Hilda): A success. One prize not collected – will be donated to The Swindon Food Collective or The Harbour Project. Next fayre is on 1 December 2019.
4.6 Global Healing (Clare-Marie): Lent project “Putting Faith into Action” starts on Thursday 7 March 2019. Refreshments will be provided. Information and videos available at
4.7 Incense (Suzanne): The incense used on the Feast of the Epiphany was overpowering. Was it the type or the amount used or a problem with the thurible or another factor? Action: Phil to discuss with Fr. Michael.

Items covered elsewhere in the minutes.

On Wednesday 20 March 2019 at 7.30pm in the hall.                                                      

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