St. Peter’s Parish Council Meeting
                                                    16 May 2018   7.30pm to 9.10pm

1.1 Attendance & apologies for absence
Alan Beard (Deputy Chair) Present Terry Dixon Present Suzanne Bullimore Present

Phil Dorning (Chair) Present Clare-Marie Burchall Present Claire Fish (Safeguarding Officer) Present Keith Burke Present Anne Martlew (Secretary) Present Gertrude Chikwekwe Apologies John Murphy Apologies Hilda Cooper Present
Also present: Rev. Michael Saunders (Parish Priest) and Derek Lowson (Finance Council Chair)

1.2 Notification of items for AOB: Garden wall – included under Health & Safety
1.3 Minutes of previous meeting (14 March 2018) accepted without any amendments

2.1 Receipts & Payments Account, which reports actual transactions for the year to date
(Derek): Surplus = £70,893 at April 2018
2.1.1 Parish finances are in a healthy state.
2.1.2 Derek will attend the Diocesan Finance meeting on 17 May 2018.
2.1.3 Diocesan changes mean new utility providers for electricity (from end of June)
and gas (from end of September).
2.1.4 Fluctuations in weekly collections and second collections are down.

3.1 Diocesan programme (Alan): Diocese has a new Health and Safety programme. St.
Peter’s will need to check for asbestos if the boiler is replaced.
3.2 Garden wall (Alan/Phil/Fr. Michael): The garden wall at the Presbytery is collapsing.
Suspect the foundations are moving due to being built on top of drains. Part of the
wall to be removed to check what is underneath to enable decision on next steps.
ACTION: Alan to obtain quotes
3.3 Chairs (Alan): Reminder that chairs should be placed on the stage correctly (facing the
back wall) to mitigate against potential accidents.
3.4 Near Miss Records (Alan): Altar server hit his head on the wall after leaning back too
far when seated on the Sanctuary.
3.5 Evacuation point (Alan): Side gate to Church suggested as the nominated evacuation
point in event of an emergency.
3.6 Fire Brigade access (Alan): Question raised about access for Fire Brigade in the event
of a fire. How close do the tenders need to be to the Church?
ACTION: Alan to check with Fire Brigade

4.1 Year of Mission - Nicaraguan Project (Clare-Marie): To date, £2,000 has been sent by
St. Peter’s. Clare-Marie will liaise with Eileen Mochan and prepare an information
sheet for September.
4.2 Easter Raffle (Hilda): Thank you to all who supported this successful event. One prize
not collected. Need to review options for contacting winners and for
collection/delivery of prizes.
4.3 Easter 2018: All services over the 4 days were very busy and there were parking issues
at each service.
4.3.1 The experiment of having 3 crosses to venerate on Good Friday made a
difference to the length of the service, reducing it by 60 minutes.
4.3.2 Recommendation to have all Eucharistic Ministers give communion at the front
of the Church.
4.3.3 Suggestions for alleviating parking issues included
• Hold a Deanery Good Friday service at an off-site location
• Apply to close Carronbridge Road for the Easter services
• Hire a parking management company
• Request attendance of special constables
• Close the church car park
ACTION: Fr. Michael to consult with other Priests regarding holding a Deanery Good Friday service. Terry to speak with councillor Keith Williams.
4.4 First Communion (Clare Marie): Many families coming from abroad to support the 20
4.5 Social Events (Hilda): Proposed date of the BBQ is 24 June 2018. Another Quiz Night is
being planned.
4.6 Confirmation (Clare-Marie): Wednesday 17 October 2018. Application forms will be
available in June 2018. Preparation starts in September.
4.7 GDPR (Fr. Michael): Reminder that St. Peter’s needs to make no changes to comply
with the new legislation. The Diocese will send templates to Fr. Michael should any
action be required.

Item covered elsewhere in the minutes.

On Wednesday 19 September 2018 at 7.30pm in the hall.

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