St. Peter’s Parish Council Meeting
                                                        13th November 2019   7.30pm to 8.30pm


1.1 Attendance & apologies for absence
Suzanne Bullimore Present,  Phil Dorning (Chair) Present, Clare-Marie Burchall Present

Claire Fish (Safeguarding Officer & Deputy Chair) Present, Keith Burke Present,

Anne Martlew (Secretary) Present, Hilda Cooper Apologies, Alicia Mejia Present,
Terry Dixon Present, John Murphy Present
Also present: Derek Lowson (Finance Council Chair)
1.2 Notification of items for AOB: Advent plants – included under Parish Matters
1.3 Minutes of previous meeting (18 September 2019) accepted without any

2.1 Receipts & Payments Account, which reports actual transactions for the year to date
(Derek): Surplus = £73, 311 at October 2019
2.2 Utility bills correct now. Light, heat and water costs have all increased.
2.3 Gas boiler to be serviced.
2.4 £300 donated to Deanery funds.
2.5 £100 donated for Prisoners’ Week.
2.6 No large expenses expected.
2.7 If no Priest in place, the Offertory collection on Christmas Day goes to Parish funds.

3.1 Stop taps (Terry): In progress. Parish has 11 stop taps – all to be checked that they can
be turned off. Replace with lever switch offs as needed.
3.2 Gents Toilet (Terry): In progress. Fan and sensors to be checked. Water consumption
is high; timing on automated sensors for flushing of urinals to be checked.
3.3 Fire Extinguishers (Phil): New extinguishers (six 9 litre water and one 2kg carbon
dioxide) purchased. Installation and commissioning have been arranged.

4.1 Year of Prayer (Clare-Marie): Service at Holy Rood on 23 November 2019 to mark the
end of the Year of Prayer.

4.2 Year of Communion (Clare-Marie): Starts on First Sunday of Advent. Resources will be
presented to Parishes at 7pm Mass in Clifton Cathedral on 22 November 2019. Dale
Curson will collect the resources for St. Peter’s.
4.3 Fr. Michael’s Funeral (Phil): Thank you to everyone.
4.4 Picture of St. Michael (Terry): Light to be installed above the picture of St. Michael the
Archangel. Plaque to be installed underneath. In progress. Cost will be paid from
Parish funds.
4.5 Half Marathon Funds Raising (Terry): Bench in memory of Fr. Michael installed and
blessed. Remaining funds donated to the Table Tennis Group for purchase of a new
4.6 Donations (Derek): One bequest and one substantial donation yet to be used. On hold
until new Parish Priest is assigned. Additional donations of £160 received for Parish
4.7 Advent Plants (Keith): Fr. Michael used to buy the plants for the altar for Advent.
Carrie Louzado’s requested approval from the Parish Council to enable her to
purchase these plants this year. Approved.
4.8 Christmas 2019
4.8.1 Volunteers needed for monitoring car park and helping with the Offertory
collections at the services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
4.8.2 Christmas services and activities
23 December Erection of Christmas tree and crib
24 December 5.30pm Children’s Mass
9.00pm Midnight Mass
25 December 10.00am Christmas Day Mass
6 January 2020 After Mass Removal of the Christmas tree and crib

Items covered elsewhere in the minutes.

On Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 7.30pm in the hall

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