Before the church was built

The town of Swindon rapidly expanded in the 1980s and was soon regarded as the fastest growing town in Europe. The community of West Swindon came into being through the development of additional housing known as the "West Swindon expansion" and from 1979 until St Peter's Catholic Church was built in 1985, the Catholic comunity met to worship in ecumenical surroundings suchas Toothill Shared Church and various local schools. Daily Mass was celebrated in Canon LiamO'Driscoll's garage at 1, Liskeard Way, which had been made into a smal chapel.

St Peter's Catholic Church

The foundation stone of the new building was laid by Bishop Mervyn Alexander on 22nd February 1985 and the church was consecrated in time for Midnight Mass 1985. he building has served the community well and has a purpose built parish centre attached. This has helped to foster community life within the parish.

Canon Liam O'Driscoll 1979-1990

Canon Liam O'Driscoll was responsible for building up the first Catholic community in West Swindon. He was instrumental in the building of St Peter's. He left in 1990 to become parish priest of St John the Baptist, Trowbridge.

Father Tom Kelly 1990-2003

Father Tom Kelly came to St Peter's from St Thomas More, Marlborough. He served our community for thirteen years, becoming a very familiar face around the neighbourhood. He left St Peter's to become parish priest of St Joseph's Bridgwater Somerset.

Rev. Dr. Michael Saunders 2003-2019

Father Tom's departure paved the way for Father Michael Saunders. Father Michael came to St Peter's after spending many years in Canada where he combined lecturing in university with his duties as parish priest. Our parish  has benefitted greatly from his excellent teaching and preaching. Father Michael has been responsible for creating a beautiful place of worship commissioning a variety of art work through the donations of parishiners. These include stained glass behind the sanctuary, art panels representing the continents of the world and thus the diversity of our parish, as well as a mosaic of St Anthony, panels behind the statue of Our Lady and a painting of St Joseph with the Child Jesus. There are also two tryptichs behind the statues of SS Thomas More and John Fisher. Fr Michael died on 12th October 2019.


Rev Father Lucas Rodrigues S.F.X. 2020


Fr Michael has been succeeded by Fr Lucas Rodriguez, who was parish priest of Sacred Heart, Royal Wootton Bassett. Fr Lucas is of Goan heritage and has been responsible for the Goan Chaplaincy. Fr Francis Colaco has been appointed Assistant Priest.



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