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SWINDON SN5 7ES                                             FEBRUARY 23rd 2020


SAT 22nd:          5.30 pm          Peter McDonagh    (Hugh Barvey)

SUN 23rd:          10.00 am        Joaquim Rosario & Family   Thanksgiving

MON 24th:           9.30 am        Deacon Tom McLaughlin RIP (Philip&Caroline McLaughlin)     Weekday in Ordinary Time

TUES 25th:          9.30 am        Veronica & Antonio Afonso RIP                                            Weekday in Ordinary Time     WED 26th:            9.30 am         Joao Rosario & Xavier Fernandes RIP                                 Ash Wednesday

                          7.00pm          Antonio & Veronica Afonso RIP

THURS 27th:        9.30 am         Lil and Gerry Edwards RIP (The Wilson Family)                Thursday after Ash Wednesday

FRI     28th:       7.00 pm        Michael Twinn RIP (Adriana Twinn))                                Friday after Wednesday

SAT     29th :       5.30 pm         Bernard Walsh                                                           Saturday after Ash Wednesday

SUN    1st:          10.00 am       Afonso Family (Thanksgiving)                                             First Sunday in Lent

Thursday Rosary after Mass led by the Rosary Group

Friday 6.30pm Stations of the Cross during Lent followed by Mass

Sacrament of Reconciliation Saturday 5.00pm before Mass and on request





ANNIVERSARIES:  We remember in our prayers the repose of the souls of Daisy Leaf (24/2/92), Michael Towey (24/2/00), Joseph Bailey (25/2/13), Mark Mandell (26/2/17), Blanche Thomas (27/2/00) and Winifred Cole (29/2/96). May the souls of the departed rest in peace.


OFFERTORY: Last week’s loose collection was £680.11 Thank you for your generosity.


ASH WEDNESDAY: Is a day of Fasting and abstinence and marks the beginning of the Season of Lent. Fasting is observed by all aged 18 and older who have not yet celebrated their 59th birthday. On a fast day, one full meal is allowed as well as two smaller meals. Abstinence is observed by all those aged 14 and older. No meat is allowed.


STATIONS OF THE CROSS: There will be Stations of the Cross during Lent on a Friday evening at 6.30pm followed by Mass.


FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: The next children’s session will take place next Saturday 29th February at 10.45am


FOR THE ATTENTION OF ALL EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: On Sunday 29th March from 3.00-4.00pm Fr Lucas will be holding a Lent Reflection for all Eucharistic Ministers which will include a time of prayer reflection and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Please make sure that this date is put in your diaries.


WEDNESDAY CLUB: Our thanks go to Stephen Brown for coming to play the piano for us. We really enjoyed his excellent performance.


 SOME FOOD FOR THOUGH DURING LENT: Words from Cardinal Bo, President of the Federation of Asian Bishop’s Conference: Lent is a time to build reconciliation between God and people, among peoples of the world and between people and the environment. He said that human greed and selfishness meant that water, land and animals of the world had been severely damaged. He continued: “In order to build reconciliation with God and people created by him, people and the natural environment, towards peaceful fellowship, making the world green and preserving good weather systems, it is important to change our attitudes and behaviour.” One way we can do this is by reading Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical “Laudato Si”. Why not download a copy by using this link and start your reading for Lent? Go to CAFOD website and you will find the encyclical under the tab Pray.


NEXT WEEK: 1st Sunday in Lent A 1st March 2020      Eucharistic Ministers: 1st Sunday Group

  5.30 pm      Marie Cahillane, Sue Rowell, Louise Burke, Geraldine Reid

10.00 am      Alan Beard, Dale Curson, Eileen Mochan, Ros Wilson                                                               

Reader: 5.30 pm   Derek Lowson                        Readers: 10.00 am Christine Obiero and Gloria Wilson

Cleaning: Group 4: Skariya Joseph and Jaimon Chacko Group    Flowers: No Flowers in Lent

Teas: Team 6: Helen Cole, Mila and Friends

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Parish Priest: Rev. Father Lucas Rodrigues S.F.X          

Assistant Priest: Rev. Father Francis Colaco S.F.X.


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