ST PETER’S CATHOLIC CHURCH        20th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)


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SWINDON SN5 7ES                                                  August 18th2019   


SATURDAY:   5.30 pm          Angela and Harry (Maura Dawson)                               

SUNDAY:       10.00 am         Charles Sweeney RIP (Clare and Michael Kenny)

SATURDAY:   5.30 pm           Bernard Hurley RIP (Pauline Goddard)

SUNDAY:       10.00 am         Andy Garrett RIP (Anne and Phil Dorning)        21st Sunday  







ANNIVERSARIES: We remember in prayer the repose of the souls of Elizabeth Wheeler (18/8/99),

Stephen Westman (22/8/09) and Carroll Hammond (24/8/91). May the souls of the departed rest in peace.


OFFERTORY: Last Sunday’s loose collection amounted to £589.49. Thank you for your generosity.


DIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE TO LOURDES: We wish our diocesan pilgrims well as they embark next Friday on their annual pilgrimage with the sick of our diocese.


POPE FRANCIS PRAYER INTENTION FOR AUGUST: In his prayer intention for the month of August 2019, Pope Francis invites us to pray that "families, through their life of prayer and love, become ever more clearly schools of true human development." This is his prayer:

What kind of world do we want to leave for the future? Let us leave a world with families. Let us care for our families, because they are true schools for the future, spaces of freedom, and centres of humanity. And let us reserve a special place in our families for individual and communal prayer. Let us pray that families, through their life of prayer and love, become ever more clearly “schools of true human development”.


CURIAL CONFERENCE SEPTEMBER 7th 2019: A day of workshops for those who work for, or volunteer for, their Parish and Clifton Diocese, or who would like to get more involved in Parish life. This will take place at St Brendan’s Sixth Form College, Broomhill Road, Brislington Bristol BS4 5RQ. For further information and to book a place please go to


MARRIAGE PREPARATION COURSES: Marriage Care offers Marriage Preparation Courses in a Catholic context as well as individual counselling sessions for couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship. The next dates in Swindon for Marriage preparation are 5th October and 9th November. More information can be found on the website



For Newsletter inserts contact Clare-Marie Burchall ( 07967730083). 

For Money and finance items, contact Derek Lowson (

For Church matters contact Louise Burke ( or 01793 873218).

For maintenance matters contact either Keith Burke ( or Terry Dixon ( 07913444064).

The Chair of Parish Council is Phil Dorning ( 07468411659)

For matters that require a priest, please contact Canon John Cunningham at Holy Rood ( or 01793 522062).


NEXT WEEK: 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) August 25th 2019  

Eucharistic Ministers: 4th Sunday Group

  5.30 pm         Gitti Hayes, Hilda Cooper, Cathy Parlour, Marie Cahillane

10.00 am         Ros Wilson, Lisa and Terry Dixon, Cecilia Wilson-Darkwa

Reader: 5.30 pm Juanita Solero                      Readers: 10.00 am L Silveira and John Murphy

Teas: Team 3 Margaret Negus, Eileen Beard, Teresa Paget, Ursula Lowson    Flowers: August silk flowers

Church Cleaning: Team 4: Skariya Joseph and Jaimon Chacko Group

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