ST PETER’S CATHOLIC CHURCH                         2nd SUNDAY IN ADVENT (A)

CARRONBRIDGE ROAD,                                  

EASTLEAZE,                                                                01793 874400           

SWINDON SN5 7ES                                                       DECEMBER 8th 2019 


SATURDAY:       5.30 pm            Betty Mochan RIP (Clare-Marie Burchall)    

SUNDAY:          10.00 am           Dec Members of Killick and Syzmanski Families

SATURDAY:       5.30 pm           Cassiana Saldanha RIP (Joe Saldanha)

SUNDAY            10.00 am          Nicholas Lewis RIP (Maria Lewis)            3rd Sunday in Advent



NEWSLETTER SPONSORED FOR EILEEN HAGGERSTONE                                                                                                       ************************************************************************

ANNIVERSARIES: We remember in prayer the repose of the soul of Steve Sugrue (8/12/03), Peter Winton (8/12/16), Norman Black (9/12/98), Brian Gates (10/12/00), John Sadler (11/12/98), Maria Fruci (12/8/02), Marjorie Herbert (12/12/02), Jane Banham (13/12/17), Christine Bean (13/12/17) Kenneth Fox (14/12/01) and Joan Wilson (14/12/16). We remember in prayer the repose of the soul of Philomena Chidley, a much loved and valued parishioner who died on 30th November. Philomena’s Requiem Mass will take place here at St Peter’s on Thursday 19th December at 11.45am, with the reception of her coffin the evening before at 4.00pm. Fr Tom Kelly will officiate at the Mass. Our condolences go to Mary, her daughter, and her family. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.


OFFERTORY: Last weekend’s loose collection was £550.89. The second collection for the Poor Missions of the Diocese was £279.84.  Thank you to the Wednesday Club for their donation of £100.00 for parish funds. Thank you for your generosity. Next weekend there is a special collection for Christmas Flowers. The CHRISTMAS RAFFLE raised £456 and the CHRISTMAS FAYRE raised £357.70


2019 CHRISTMAS DRAW WINNERS: 1st Christmas Hamper: W Bannon Ticket 330; 2nd Christmas Cake: R Wilson Ticket 130; 3rd Bottle of Whisky: Liz Barrett Ticket 337; 4th Bottle of Egg Nogg: E Haggerstone Ticket 423; 5th Bottle of Malibu: Claire Fish Ticket 47; 6th Bottle of Cava: John Abraham Ticket 358; 7th Bottle of Chardonnay: Pat Bailey Ticket 344; 8th Bottle of Mulled Wine: Isabel Ticket 227; 9th Box of Chocolates: Linda Ticket 72; 10th Box of Biscuits: Thea Spicer 123.


RED BOXES: Are collected during December. We are one collector down for this collection. If you are not asked for your box and you would like to have it emptied please leave it in the sacristy or phone Clare-Marie on 07967730083.


TABLE TENNIS CLUB: Would like to say thank you to Terry and Dylan for the £50.00 donation towards the new table tennis table from the funds they raised by doing the Swindon Half Marathon. The table has now been purchased.


YEAR OF COMMUNION: Following on from the Year of Prayer, the third cycle of this Diocesan initiative began on the First Sunday in Advent (the new liturgical year). The Year of Communion will focus on the spirituality of Communion and how we are called and saved, not as individuals, but as God’s people, looking at how the laity are involved in parish life and how parishes collaborate together. The Sunday readings this liturgical year A are from the Gospel of Matthew.


CONTACTS IN PARISH IN  ABSENCE OF A PARISH PRIEST:                                                                 Newsletter inserts contact Clare-Marie Burchall ( 07967730083)

Money and finance items, contact Derek Lowson (                                                       Church matters contact Louise Burke ( or 01793873218)                                            Maintenance Matters contact either Keith Burke( or Terry Dixon ( 07913444064)

Chair of Parish Council is Phil Dorning ( 07468411659)                                      Matters that require a priest, please contact Canon John Cunningham at Holy Rood ( or 01793 522062).

NEXT WEEK: 3rd Sunday in Advent A                 Eucharistic Ministers: Week 3

  5.30 pm          Brenda Clary, Jim Donnelly, Fran Syzmanski, Ursula Lowson

10.00 am           Anne and Phil Dorning, Raymol and Joseph Nidhiry

Reader: 5.30   Gitti and Eric Hayes                      Readers: 10.00 am John Pearson and Dale Curson

Teas: Team 7   Annette and Friends                   Flowers: Advent                      

Church Cleaning: Team 7 Pat Connolly, Pat Fry, Ursula Lowson, Anne Rouse

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Parish email:

Deanery Web:         

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